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With so many different types of drinks out there, I rely on Royal Leaf for its high quality and low tolerance for BS. Nutrition label

—Mick R.

It’s difficult to find a great caffeine source, let alone options that are glass bottled and use the best ingredients. Royal Leaf has manage...

— Adam E.

I’ve struggled with coffee jitters for many years. Royal Leaf’s Guayusa has completely revolutionized my life…

— Heather P.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Guayusa?

Pronounced gwai-yoo-suh, Guayusa is an Amazonian super leaf that provides caffeine and antioxidants — without the bitterness of coffee, green tea and yerba mate. It is mild in flavor and rich in nutrients. Guayusa is a truly remarkable plant, offering sustained energy that lasts for hours.


Is Guayusa safe to drink?

Yes! Guayusa has been cultivated and enjoyed since ancient times, revered for its anti-inflammatory properties and countless benefits. We harvest our Guayusa from over 2,000 sustainable family farms.


Where can I find Royal Leaf?

We are currently located at Whole Foods and Juice Press in the New York City area.


How can I stock Royal Leaf at my stores?

If you would like to see Royal Leaf at your local store let us know! Email us at achievemore@drinkroyalleaf.com or text us at (516) 441-2688