Honey Lemon features the same fresh, premium taste of Guayusa leaves paired with organic lemon juice and organic honey. Crack open the perfect blend of natural sweetness and flavor.

Honey Lemon

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Honey Lemon

Try a new way of experiencing caffeine

Experience the many benefits of Guayusa. Enhance your energy with its delicious, refreshing taste and begin to experience caffeine differently.

Unbottle your ambition

More Energy
More Focus
All Natural
Natural Ingredients
Honey Lemon
Organic Guayusa
Organic Lemon Juice
Organic Wildflower Honey

Only 3 Ingredients.


Serving Size:  16 ounces / 12 Pack

Sugars:  13 grams

Calories:  35

Total Fat:  0 / Daily Value 0%

Protein:  0 grams

Carbohydrates:  9 g / Daily Value 3%

Iron: 0.4 mg / Daily Value 2%
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Honey Lemon
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